The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security provides independent assurance for the Prime Minister, senior ministers and Parliament as to whether Australia's intelligence and security agencies act legally and with propriety by inspecting, inquiring into and reporting on their activities.

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Annual Report cover image2013 - 14 Annual Report

On 16 October 2014 the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Annual Report 2013-14 was tabled

Office of the IGIS is currently recruiting new staff

The Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security provides assurance to Ministers, the Parliament and the public about the legality and propriety of the actions of Australian intelligence and security agencies.  The office is seeking to recruit up to five new staff members to strengthen the current work of the office and to provide oversight of proposed new powers for intelligence and security agencies.  The staff may be recruited on an ongoing or non-ongoing basis.


IGIS staff assist the Inspector-General in:

  • Conducting inspections of the operational activities of the Australian intelligence and security agencies. Inspections are largely focused the use of intrusive powers.  This includes ASIO search warrants and telecommunications interception powers. Inspection activities seek to provide assurance that agencies comply with the relevant legislative and policy frameworks and to identify issues before there is a need for major remedial action.
  • Managing complaints from members of the public and current or former intelligence and security agency employees.  This includes disclosures under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2013.
  • Undertaking inquiries under the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986.  When undertaking an inquiry the Inspector-General has strong investigative powers, akin to those of a royal commission.  Recent IGIS inquiries include an inquiry into the attendance of legal representatives at ASIO interviews, an inquiry into the use of weapons and self-defence techniques in ASIS, and an inquiry into the analytic independence of assessments by ASIO, DIO and ONA.

Positions will be at the APS5, APS6, EL1 and EL2 level. Salary range $70,155-$133,967 plus superannuation (plus an AIC allowance of $1093). Actual level and salary will be determined on the basis of abilities, skills and experience.  All positions are located in Barton, ACT.  Positions may be full-time or part-time. 


Employees of OIGIS are required to attain and maintain a high level of security clearance and applicants must be Australian citizens.

More information on how to apply is available at IGIS recruitment.