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IGIS Annual Report 2009-2010 Contents

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Full 2009-10 Annual Report (PDF 1.9MB) | Report by Chapter in PDF


Role of the Inspector-General

General Matters

Parliament and Legislation

  • Parliamentary oversight
  • Legislative proposals and developments
  • Contributions to public sector governance


Australian Security Intelligence Organisation

  • What ASIO does
  • Inspection activities
  • Complaints and inquiries

Australian Secret Intelligence Service

  • What ASIS does
  • Significant issues
  • Inspection activities
  • Complaints and inquiries
  • Special inspection project

Defence Intelligence Agencies

  • Defence Intelligence Organisation
  • Defence Imagery and Geospatial Organisation
  • Defence Signals Directorate

Office of National Assessments

  • What ONA does
  • Director-General
  • Privacy guidelines
  • Periodic roundtable meetings
  • Training
  • Complaints
  • Inquiries

The Year 2010–11 in Prospect

  • Proposed briefing, inspection and review activities
  • Inquiries and complaints
  • OIGIS Staffing and recruitment
  • Other matters to be pursued

Management and Accountability

  • Corporate Governance
  • External scrutiny
  • Management of human resources
  • Purchasing
  • Consultants
  • ANAO access clauses
  • Exempt contracts
  • Legal services
  • Commonwealth disability strategy
  • Other information
  • Summary of OIGIS´ financial performance and resources for outcomes

Financial Statements

Annex 1 – Complaint and Inquiry Statistics

Annex 2 – Executive summary of IGIS Inquiry into ONA's Statutory Independence

Annex 3 – Salary Ranges Available for APS Employees in OIGIS in 2009-10

Annex 4 – Consultancy Services let during 2009-10 of $10,000 or more

Annex 5 – Agency Resource Statement Expenses and Resources for Outcomes 2009-2010

Annex 6 – List of Requirements