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Outcomes and programs

The 2014–15 Portfolio Budget Statements provided a strategic direction statement with one planned outcome for the Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security. That outcome was:

Independent assurance for the Prime Minister, senior ministers and Parliament as to whether Australia's intelligence and security agencies act legally and with propriety by inspecting, inquiring into and reporting on their activities.

The key strategies employed to achieve this outcome were:

  • to continue the agency's inspection activities, which involve proactively monitoring and reviewing the activities of the intelligence agencies
  • where appropriate, to initiate 'own motion' inquiries and investigate complaints or referrals about the activities of the intelligence agencies
  • at the request of the Prime Minister, to inquire into an intelligence and security matter of a non-intelligence agency.

The single program outcome reflects the small size of the agency and the relatively narrow focus of its activities.

Program Deliverables

The program deliverables include:

  • conducting own motion inquiries as appropriate
  • undertaking a comprehensive inspection and visits program to monitor and review casework
  • providing effective and timely responses to complaints or referrals received from members of the public, ministers or members of parliament
  • undertaking presentations to new and existing members of the intelligence agencies to ensure an awareness and understanding of their responsibilities and accountability
  • liaising with other accountability or integrity agencies in Australia and overseas.