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The structure of this report

The Inspector-General's review summarises the issues and developments affecting the office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (OIGIS) during the reporting period, provides an overview of its performance and financial results, and discusses the outlook for the year ahead.

Part One provides an overview of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security, including the role and functions of the office, our published outcomes and programme structure, and the purposes identified in our corporate plan. Part One also contains a brief description of each of the six intelligence agencies which the Inspector-General oversees.

Part Two provides a summary of the office's performance during the reporting period. This includes an Annual Performance Statement, which summarises our performance against the indicators identified in our corporate plan, as well as a report on the financial performance of the office during the reporting period.

Part Three contains a more comprehensive discussion of the office's performance across the key activities that we undertook during the year. This includes both quantitative and qualitative discussion. Part Three also incorporates the requirements under section 35 of the IGIS Act to include certain additional information in the annual report, including the Inspector-General's comments on inspections conducted under section 9A of the IGIS Act.

Part Four contains information about the management and accountability of the office during 2015–16, including its organisational structure, corporate governance, management of human resources and other relevant information.

Part Five contains the office's audited financial statements.

Part Six contains the annexes to this report. The annexes contain a range of additional information about the office, including its entity resource statement, staff salary ranges and a glossary of abbreviations.

An alphabetical index is provided at the end of the report for ease of reference.