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Part 3 Performance discussion

Providing a complete picture of our performance requires qualitative discussion as well as quantitative analysis. In support of this, Part Three of the annual report provides a detailed discussion of our activities during 2015–16.

Part Three also complies with the requirements under section 35 of the IGIS Act to include certain additional information in the annual report, including the Inspector-General's comments on:

  • any inquiry conducted by the Inspector-General in accordance with paragraph 8(1)(d) or 8(3)(c) of the Act
  • any inspection conducted under section 9A of the Act
  • the employment of any person under subsection 32(3) of the Act and any delegation under section 32AA that was in force
  • the extent of compliance by ASIS, AGO and ASD with rules made under section 15 of the ISA.

The Performance discussion section is divided into eight sections. Each section discusses our performance in relation to one of the key activities identified in the OIGIS Corporate Plan 2015–19. These activities are:

  1. conducting inquiries as appropriate (which may be 'own motion', in response to complaints or referrals, or at the request of intelligence agency ministers or the Prime Minister)
  2. undertaking comprehensive inspection programmes to monitor and review intelligence agencies' operational activity
  3. providing effective and timely responses to complaints or referrals received from members of the public, ministers or members of parliament
  4. facilitating the investigation of public interest disclosures and undertaking other responsibilities under the PID Act
  5. providing advice to parliamentary committees and others on oversight issues relating to intelligence agency powers and functions
  6. providing evidence to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and the Australian Information Commissioner as required
  7. undertaking presentations to new and existing employees of intelligence agencies to ensure an awareness and understanding of their responsibilities and accountability
  8. liaising with other accountability or integrity agencies in Australia and overseas.

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