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About inspections

The office regularly examines selected agency records to ensure that the activities of the intelligence agencies comply with the relevant legislative and policy requirements and to identify issues before there is a need for major remedial action. These inspections include IGIS staff directly accessing electronic records and reviewing hardcopy documentation.

Inspections concentrate on the potential impact of intelligence collection on the privacy of Australians. For this reason our inspections mainly focus on the activities of ASIO, ASIS, AGO and ASD, each of which has intrusive powers and investigative techniques. Inspections relating to DIO and ONA are generally limited to ensuring that their assessments comply with administrative privacy guidelines, and that their independence is not compromised.

Inspections of these agencies focus on whether the agency is acting in accordance with its statutory functions, its compliance with any guidance provided by the responsible minister and its own internal policies and procedures. Inspections may consist of routine inspections and inspection projects that target specific issues as determined by the IGIS.

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