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Inspection of DIO activities

This reporting period was marked by more involvement in reviewing DIO activities than in the previous year. This greater involvement followed from the inquiry into the analytic independence and integrity of DIO which focused on how DIO develops its intelligence reporting and assessments. The inquiry was ongoing at the conclusion of the 2016–17 financial year. The inquiry was not prompted by any particular concern but is one of a regular series of reviews of DIO's analytic independence, earlier reviews having been carried out in 2008 and 2013.

Routine inspections of DIO have continued to be limited to its compliance with the Guidelines to Protect the Privacy of Australian Persons, and its access to sensitive financial information from AUSTRAC. These inspections are less frequent than for ASIO, ASIS, ASD and AGO, as the office focuses its limited resources on inspecting and reviewing the activities of the intelligence collection agencies over those of the assessment agencies DIO and ONA.

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