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Ethical standards and fraud control

We maintained our commitment to ethical standards by ensuring staff were aware of the relevant requirements.

The OIGIS has established and maintains appropriate systems of risk oversight, management and internal controls in accordance with section 16 of the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013 (PGPA Act) and the Commonwealth Risk Management Policy.

The Risk Management Plan includes controls to mitigate risks including personnel related risks, accidental or intentional loss of information, segregation of duties, failure or compromise of information technology systems, physical security of the office and facilities, fraud prevention, detection and management, and corporate compliance requirements.

Regular monitoring of risks is undertaken, considered and discussed by the management team, and reported to the Audit Committee. The Audit Committee is established and structured in accordance with section 45 of the PGPA Act and the PGPA Rules. It meets on a periodic basis to consider matters including risk management, internal control, financial reporting, compliance requirements, performance reporting and governance arrangements.

The office completes the Australian Institute of Criminology's annual Fraud against the Commonwealth survey. The 2015-16 response was submitted on 26 August 2016.

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