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Annexure 5.1 Performance criteria map

Outcome 1: Independent assurance for the Prime Minister, senior ministers and Parliament as to whether Australia's intelligence and security agencies act legally and with propriety by inspecting, inquiring into and reporting on their activities.


Corporate Plan 2016-20
Key Activities

Key Performance criteria

Corporate Plan 2016-20
Key Performance Indicators


Corporate Plan 2016-20
Other Performance Measures

Conducting inquiries as appropriate (which may be 'own motion', in response to complaints or referrals, or at the request of intelligence agency ministers or the Prime Minister)

Timeliness of completion of inquiries

Number of inquiries conducted

Level of acceptance by intelligence agencies of findings and recommendations of inquiries conducted

Duration of each inquiry completed

Duration of each inquiry completed

Extent to which there has been change within the intelligence agencies as a result of activities of OIGIS

100% of inquiry recommendations implemented

Undertaking comprehensive inspection and visit programs to monitor and review intelligence agencies' operational activity

Range of inspection work undertaken

Inspection of at least 75% of each agency's activity categories

Providing effective and timely responses to complaints or referrals received from members of the public, Ministers or members of parliament

Timeliness of complaint resolution

90% acknowledged within five business days, and 85% of visa-related complaints resolved within two weeks

Number of complaints received and handled

Number of 'contacts' that do not meet the criteria for complaints

Facilitating the investigation of public interest disclosures relating to intelligence agencies and undertaking other responsibilities under the PID Act

Timeliness of our response to public interest disclosures

90% of public interest disclosures acknowledged within 5 business days

Number of public interest disclosure matters handled

Providing information/advice to parliamentary committees and others on oversight issues relating to intelligence agency powers and functions

Timeliness of advice provided to parliamentary committees and similar bodies

Written submissions provided by the date requested or agreed

Number of appearances at hearings of parliamentary committees and similar bodies

Providing evidence to the AAT and the Information Commissioner as required under relevant legislation

Timeliness of evidence provided to the AAT and Information Commissioner

Evidence provided by the date requested or agreed

Number of instances where IGIS evidence is provided to the AAT or IC

Undertaking presentations to new and existing employees of intelligence agencies to ensure an awareness and understanding of their responsibilities and accountability

Frequency of presentations to staff in intelligence agencies

Completion of at least 9 outreach activities per year

Number of presentations and outreach activities

Meet all feasible requests

Raising awareness of the role and functions of the Office outside the Australian intelligence agencies to increase public awareness of the scrutiny applied to those agencies

Frequency of outreach activities delivered to audiences outside the intelligence community

Avail ourselves of all reasonable opportunities

Liaising with other accountability and integrity agencies on issues of mutual interest

Frequency of interactions with other accountability and integrity agencies, including Commonwealth Ombudsman and Australian Human Rights Commission

Regular interactions as required

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