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Defence intelligence agencies

Three of the six intelligence agencies are within the Department of Defence (Defence): the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO), the Australian Geospatial-intelligence Organisation (AGO), and the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). The functions of ASD and AGO are set out in the ISA and their activities are regulated by a series of ministerial directions, ministerial authorisations and privacy rules.

The Minister for Defence is responsible for these Defence agencies.

Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO)

DIO is Defence's all source intelligence assessment agency. Its role is to provide independent intelligence assessment, advice and services in support of: the planning and conduct of Australian Defence Force (ADF) operations; Defence strategic policy and wider government planning and decision making on defence and national security issues; and the development and sustainment of Defence capability.

Australian Geospatial-intelligence Organisation (AGO)

AGO is Australia's national geospatial intelligence agency. AGO's geospatial intelligence, derived from the fusion of analysis of imagery and geospatial data, supports Australian Government decision making and assists with the planning and conduct of ADF operations. AGO also gives direct assistance to Commonwealth and state bodies responding to security threats and natural disasters.

Australian Signals Directorate (ASD)

ASD is Australia's national authority on signals intelligence and information security. ASD collects foreign signals intelligence, and its reports on this intelligence are provided to key policy makers and select government agencies with a clear and established need to know.

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