Working at IGIS

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 “I’ve been with IGIS for about 18 months now and am certainly enjoying the role.  My background is in investigations and oversight, and that is what drew me to the role in the first place. Once my security clearance came through, the on‑boarding process was smooth and well organised. My induction was a comprehensive and well-structured week, after which I was assigned to one of the oversight teams to undertake a discrete task. This work gave me a good introduction to the agency’s oversight role and its engagement with agencies under jurisdiction. Based upon my previous law enforcement experience, I was selected for a six‑month Immersive Development Placement working in one of the agencies anticipated to come within the Inspector‑General’s jurisdiction.  This placement was designed to broaden IGIS knowledge of that agency’s intelligence functions and also to introduce that agency to the role of IGIS role and our approach to oversight. Since returning from this placement I have been involved mostly in capacity building for the anticipated future oversight role of IGIS. This work has involved developing and progressing a structured outreach and engagement program with agencies anticipated to come within jurisdiction. Simultaneously I have been developing a thematic inspection plan for oversight of an aspect of work across all our jurisdiction agencies.”

- Director


“Working at IGIS has been both rewarding and challenging. The environment in which the Australian Intelligence Community operates is complex; as are the issues of legality and propriety that our office examines. In order to provide accurate, independent and objective advice on these issues I need to be informed and self-critical in my assessments. A normal working week would see me receive briefings on intelligence operations, analyse information provided by intelligence agencies, conduct inspections of agency activities and engage with agency representatives. As a member of a small office I am also able to be closely involved in a variety of other areas of work including recruitment, annual reporting and executive briefings. Throughout my time in the office I have been able and feel encouraged to provide my own unique perspectives on the issues the office examines. Whilst it is necessary that much of the work of the office is classified, it is rewarding to be able to see the positive compliance culture my role helps support within the Intelligence Community.”

- Assistant Director


"Working at IGIS is insightful, captivating and interesting. Although a lot of the detail of the work is highly classified, it’s about striking the balance between keeping the Australian Intelligence Community as transparent and accountable as possible, whilst maintaining the appropriate secrecy provisions and respecting the sensitive nature of what those agencies do on a day-to-day basis. Working in an inspections team at IGIS allows me to delve into the detail of everyday operational work that intelligence agencies undertake. This is both interesting and complex and requires someone with a mixture of analytical, auditing, and investigative skills. IGIS is a professional, respectful, and flexible organisation when it comes to both how it treats stakeholders and its staff. I am proud to work for such an office and hope to continue doing so for many years."

- Intelligence Oversight Officer