Links to other Oversight Agencies

The matters about which the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security can receive complaints are limited by the powers conferred by the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security Act 1986.

If you are seeking assistance in resolving a grievance with a federal government department or agency which is not a member of the Australian Intelligence Community, you might consider contacting the Commonwealth Ombudsman who can consider and investigate complaints about Australian Government departments and agencies.  He is also the Defence Force Ombudsman, the Immigration Ombudsman, the Law Enforcement Ombudsman, the Postal Industry Ombudsman and the Taxation Ombudsman.

If your grievance relates to the Australian Federal Police (AFP), the AFP has its own internal complaints mechanism which we recommend you use in the first instance.

Otherwise you can complain to the Commonwealth Ombudsman in his capacity as Law Enforcement Ombudsman.

If your concerns relate to possible corruption in the Australian Federal Police or the Australian Criminial Intelligence Commission you might consider contacting the Australian Commissioner for Law Enforcement Integrity.

On matters of privacy the Privacy Commissioner is an independent Office which has responsibilities under the federal Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Privacy Commissioner can investigate complaints from individuals about interferences with privacy under the Privacy Act against Australian and ACT government agencies and private sector organisations, including health service providers, credit providers and credit reporting agencies.