Tips and Advice on Making a Complaint

A written complaint allows you to make a clear record of your concerns. Briefly set out the most important details. We will contact you if the IGIS needs more information to respond to your complaint.

Clearly identify yourself, that is, your name, address and any other contact details.  You should identify the agency (if known) to which your complaint refers, your relationship with this agency, if any exists, and the issue that concerns you.

It is our policy to acknowledge complaints in writing, within five business days, or as soon as possible after they have arrived at our office.

If you wish to make a complaint on-line, you may do so through the online complaint form.

If you use the online complaint form, please provide an email address for us to respond to. If you do not provide an email address, we will make some preliminary checks but will not provide a written response; instead, we will file your complaint for reference in any future complaint from you.

If your complaint is not related to one of the AIC agencies (that is, ASIO, ASIS, ASD, AGO, DIO or ONI) the IGIS cannot  address your concerns.  We suggest you seek the advice of the Commonwealth Ombudsman.

Do you have information that is related to national security?

Call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.