The Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) is an intelligence assessment agency that supports Defence and Government decision-making and assists with the planning and conduct of Australian Defence Force operations.

Each year the IGIS reviews the activities of DIO. The functions of intelligence assessment agencies, such as DIO and ONI, mean that they are less likely than the intelligence collection agencies to intrude on the privacy of Australian persons or operate in breach of legislation. As such the IGIS makes fewer inspections of DIO and ONI compared to the intelligence collection agencies.

Information on all agency inspections and assessments are published in the IGIS annual report.

In the 2019–20 reporting period, IGIS conducted inspections of DIO’s compliance with the Guidelines to Protect the Privacy of Australian Persons (Privacy Guidelines). IGIS officers also reviewed DIO’s access to sensitive financial information from the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC). In the reporting period, restrictions relevant to the COVID-19 pandemic compromised the ability for IGIS to conduct inspections and reviews at DIO. A planned analytical integrity inspection was not able to be conducted due to this restricted access and is now planned for 2020–21.