Preliminary Inquiries

Under section 14 of the IGIS Act, IGIS may conduct preliminary inquiries into matters relating to intelligence agencies. Preliminary inquiries allow IGIS to undertake a review of relevant activities in order to determine whether IGIS is authorised to inquire into a matter, or whether IGIS should conduct an inquiry.

A preliminary inquiry can be initiated by the Inspector-General either in response to a complaint, or as a result of identifying an issue of concern. 

As with inquiries, preliminary inquiries are generally conducted in private to provide full examination of all classified or sensitive information. At the end of a preliminary inquiry, the Inspector-General can make a determination as to whether to conduct a full inquiry under the IGIS Act. Where possible, the unclassified findings of preliminary inquiries are made available on the IGIS website.

Information on completed preliminary inquiries are also included in the IGIS annual report.