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Benefits and Conditions

The Office of the IGIS provides competitive conditions and a range of benefits for employees.

Enterprise Agreement

The Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security (OIGIS) Enterprise Agreement 2024-2027 sets out remuneration and conditions of service for all non-SES employees.

The 2024-2027 Enterprise Agreement for the Office of the IGIS has been approved by the Fair Work Commission and remuneration increases of the workplace arrangement are outlined in the document.

Other Benefits and Conditions

We provide annual salary increases and advancement through pay points at each classification for eligible staff, as well as a 15.4% employer superannuation contribution. We also provide a number of allowances for staff to access which acknowledge the impact of ongoing obligations of maintaining a security clearance, recognise the additional roles and responsibilities staff may take on to support the functioning of the Office as a small agency, and to support health and wellbeing.

The Office is committed to exploring and enabling flexible working arrangements that provide genuine support for those with carer responsibilities and those seeking greater work-life balance. A number of our staff enjoy part-time work, compressed hours, and – where possible, based on role – a mix of working from home and from the office. 

The vast majority of the Office’s work can be done inside normal business hours, but on the rare occasions that additional or non-standard hours are required, there are robust arrangements for staff to access leave, flex, or overtime. Our staff are not required to work over the Christmas shutdown period or on public holidays.

As a specialised agency, we appreciate the need to foster excellence and expertise in our staff. We support staff to pursue training and development opportunities, whether through short courses, tertiary study, conferences, site visits, or on-the-job learning. 

Internal training and professional development workshops for staff are supplemented by programs offered by the APS Academy, National Intelligence Academy and a range of other providers. In addition, the Office’s ‘participating agency’ status with the Australian National University’s National Security College provides access to their highly sought-after executive development programs.

Staff undertaking tertiary study that aligns with organisational priorities can also access the Office’s study assistance program, which contributes to the cost of accredited courses and provides study leave to assist with managing work and educational responsibilities.

The Office of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security is committed to building a diverse and inclusive work environment which respects the unique characteristics, skills and experiences of our staff. IGIS is a workplace where all forms of diversity are valued and respected, and where staff can flourish and reach their full potential. Each of us plays an important role in ensuring that the workplace is welcoming and inclusive, free from biases of any kind and in which diversity of thought and different perspectives are encouraged and valued to drive innovation and continuous improvement. IGIS is an office that embraces diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our work. 

To achieve this commitment, the Office has established a Diversity and Inclusion Committee and developed an Action Plan which outlines how we will meet this goal.  All IGIS staff are encouraged to play an active role in promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace, including in their interactions with colleagues, stakeholders and agencies.