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Materials provided on this website are available for downloading in the following formats:

Portable Document Format (PDF)

Portable document format, or PDF, is a document format created by Adobe which is platform independent. To open, view and print PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or greater, which is available free from the Adobe website.

Alternative means of viewing PDF files

To download and save the document to your hard drive for offline viewing right click on the document and choose "Save Target" or "Save link as" from the pop-up menu depending upon your browser. For Mac OS click and hold the link to the PDF file and choose "Download Link to Disk" from the pop-up menu. Specify a name and location for for the PDF file and then click Save.

To convert PDF to HTML by form and display in your browser immediately, please visit the Adobe PDF Conversion page.

Alternatively you can mail the URL (web address) of the PDF in the body of an email message to (for plain text) or to (for HTML). The converter will mail back the translation of the PDF file. You can submit multiple URLs in a single e-mail. 

Rich Text Format (RTF)

Rich text format, or RTF, is a document format that can be opened, viewed and printed using any PC-based word processing package.

Microsoft Word Document (DOC)

A document that can be viewed in Microsoft Word.

HTML Document (HTML)

A standard webpage viewed directly in your browser.

Microsoft Excel Document (XLS)

A spreadsheet that can be viewed in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft PowerPoint (PPT)

Presentation which can be viewed in Microsoft PowerPoint.

Zipped PDF and RTF Formats

Some files are available for download in a compressed format (.ZIP files), which reduces download time. To decompress downloaded .ZIP files, you will need a decompressing application, such as WinZip which is available the WinZip website (external link) . Once the files are decompressed, they can be opened, viewed and printed as above.