What We Do

IGIS provides independent assurance to Ministers, the Parliament and the public that the six Australian intelligence agencies under its jurisdiction are acting with legality, propriety and consistency with human rights. 

To do this, IGIS undertakes a range of investigations, considers complaints and Public Interest Disclosures, and contributes to national security reviews and inquiries.

Inspections - IGIS has a regular program of inspections across intelligence agencies to check their compliance and procedures in relation to operational activities. 

Inquiries - IGIS may conduct independent inquiries into matters relating to intelligence agencies. An inquiry can be initiated by the Inspector-General, as the result of identifying an issue of concern, or an inquiry may be referred by a Minister.

Complaints - IGIS can investigate complaints made about intelligence agencies. Complaints may be made by members of the public or by an employee or former employee of an intelligence and security agency. IGIS may also consider a public interest disclosure about an intelligence agency.

Submissions - IGIS regularly makes submissions to parliamentary inquiries and other reviews of national security matters, providing comment on the appropriate oversight and accountability requirements relating to the powers of intelligence and security agencies.

Public Engagement - IGIS engages with community groups and national security experts in Australia and internationally through public speaking, participation in oversight forums and convening a civil society reference group.