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Public Engagement

IGIS engages with community groups and national security experts in Australia and internationally through public speaking, participation in oversight forums and convening a civil society reference group. 

An important part of the role of IGIS is to assist the Government in assuring the Parliament and the public that there is effective oversight and scrutiny of intelligence agencies.

IGIS does this through its regular program of inspections, inquiries into issues, submissions to inquiries, management of complaints, public engagement activities and publication of as much information as possible.

The website is regularly updated with summaries of the IGIS reports and activities.

There is a regular program of presentations to the broader community. This includes groups with strong interest in intelligence matters, such as those who study and research in the area or who frequently engage with parliamentary committees on national security laws.

It also includes groups who may have broader interests across human rights, democratic principles, privacy, rule of law and current affairs.  The program of public speaking and presentations is designed to create greater public awareness and understanding of the role and activities of IGIS.